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Positon determination

Position determination «Stopover»

You want to do something for yourself: remember where you have arrived in your life, open your heart, give them strength and encourage them to take the next steps.

In this seminar Karin Schüpbach from atelier delosis offers you a creative, varied framework in talking, silence, reflecting, walking, dancing, relaxing, laughing and designing. It sets impulses and opens spaces for your questions and your answers to central life questions such as: Where do my powers go? Where and how am I on my way? Who and how many am I? How am I integrated? What can I build on? What limits me? What do I draw from? What do I strive for? How do I get involved? What are my next steps? 

Center of gravity

  • make a pause: Recognizing balance of power with personal resources and limits
  • Biographical Beads
  • mindfulness practice
  • Recognize Heart Concerns
  • Set new pulses

The seminar will take place from 27 to 28 September 2019.


Further information and Application
Karin Schüpbach, Atelier delosis
+41 62 293 63 56