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tea time

Tea Time

01 November 2020 - 09 January 2021

Enjoy timeless British lifestyle every Sunday in our hotel lobby or in the Ramstal with a view over the picturesque Jura mountains. We will pamper you with an exclusive afternoon tea with exquisite teas from Länggass.

Ramsach Classic including tea
CHF 39 per guest

Alice Deluxe including tea and
1 glass of Champagne Drappier
CHF 52 per guest

Our Afternoon Tea Setup comes with:
homemade cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, various small canapés, homemade scones, clotted cream and jam, mini patisserie, cupcakes, cake pops, brownie bars, shortbread and macarons.

Further information and reservation under
+41 62 285 15 15