Unforgettable sunsets

69 beautiful, generously dimensioned and bright feel good rooms, all with balcony, either sunny side (mountain side) or valley side (panoramic side) make your stay with us a relaxing experience.

Contact us:
+41 62 285 15 15  hotel@badramsach.ch

Bad Ramsach Quellhotel_Laeufelfingen_Zimmer Waldruh_

Single rooms

cosy feel-good atmosphere

Bad Ramsach Quellhotel_Laeufelfingen_Zimmer_ez tal_

Double rooms

Bright and friendly


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  • Spring Awakening

    Spring Awakening

    Dreamily walk through the landscape.

  • Ramsacher Jass-Weekends

    Ramsacher Jass-Weekends

    Switzerland's favourite "sport".

  • Ramsacher Jass-Holidays

    Ramsacher Jass-Holidays

    Switzerland's favourite "sport".