Sports & Adventures

The view from the heights of the Jura, the Black Forest or the Vosges gives only an idea of the treasures this region holds hidden. Far more opens a short drive into the green, through varied, picturesque areas. The neighbouring cantons form a huge local recreation area with limitless possibilities for leisure activities. 


For Hikers

Discovering Baselland on foot is as varied as the canton itself. Not only in spring, when the cherry trees blossom everywhere - choose your favourite hike:

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For Bikers

Fancy a bike ride? Get on your bike and explore the region on a flyer (electric bike) or a bike. 

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For Adventurers

There is much to observe and explore. Are you looking for the extraordinary? Whether you are looking for scenic or rather mystical places - have fun discovering them!


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For families

Everything for young and old adventurers - have fun discovering!


Bad Ramsach Quellhotel_Laeufelfingen_Baselland_Foto Sabina Roth