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Give in to your desire for rest and relaxation and choose your favourite treatment. In combination with your stay in the spa, you will feel more vital and relaxed after only a short time.

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sensual & elegant

Sothys Paris

Discover the world of SOTHYS in our mineral spa. Sensual textures, an elegant flair and a legendary name in the world of beauty - this is SOTHYS. For over 70 years, passion and perfectionism have driven the search for effective beauty formulas for women and men. The know-how in beauty care is based on scientific research and the resulting innovations. An unforgettable experience for the senses.

Sothys at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

balm for your soul

body peeling

Treat yourself to a gentle peeling with natural ingredients for your skin. For a pleasant peeling treatment we use only high quality products of the brand Sothys.

After a relaxing massage, enjoy an aroma peeling with cinnamon and ginger with soothing corn oil. Choose from one of the following treatments:

Full body massage and peeling à 75 minutes CHF 149
Partial body massage and peeling à 50 minutes CHF 129
Peeling à 25 minutes CHF 49

Body peeling at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

Stress relief and regulation

TUINA Massage

"TUINA" is composed of the words "TUI" (pushing) and "NA" (grasping) and belongs to the healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It serves to maintain health, reduce stress, regulate the whole-body functional system and promotes the flow of Qi in the whole-body meridians. It also has a positive effect on the immune system. The TUINA massage brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

25 Min. CHF 66
50 Min. CHF 119

Tuina Massage at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

Detoxifying and purifying

Hanakasumi Treatment

A soothing and regenerating body treatment inspired by the Japanese bathing ceremony. A special enzyme peeling, an energetic foot massage and a relaxing body treatment will take you to the land of cherry blossoms.

60 Min. CHF 149

Hanakasumi at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen