• Kulinarium


    Starting from 164 CHF

    Experience pure culinary delights.

  • Spring Special

    Spring Special

    Starting from 384 CHF

    Discover the blossoming Baselbiet with ease.

  • Yoga-Special


    Starting from 500 CHF

    Jenny Fox accompanies you through the weekend with lots of feeling and different yoga sequences. Take this appointment for yourself.

  • Nordic walking fun


    Starting from 507 CHF

    Take time for yourself and move with relish in nature!

  • Ramsacher Jass-Holidays

    Ramsacher Jass-Holidays

    Starting from 879 CHF

    Switzerland's favourite "sport".

  • juice fasting week

    Juice Fasting-Week

    Starting from 1140 CHF

    Purify and regenerate - a pleasant change that is twice as much fun in a group.

  • Leadership through presence

    Leadership through presence

    Starting from 1280 CHF

    Strengthen your personal presence for creative and decisive leadership action.

  • Schlank im Schlaf

    Schlank im Schlaf

    Starting from 1461 CHF

    Learn more about our metabolism and how the insulin separating food helps you lose weight without feeling hungry - no empty promise.

  • acid-base balance


    Starting from 1491 CHF

    Would you like to balance your acid-base balance? The aim is not to eat less, but to combine it correctly. Our successful programme will also inspire you.

  • Slim World

    Slim World

    Starting from 1524 CHF

    Guaranteed success. In one week you will learn how you can become and stay slim and fit with your own behaviour and the right aids.