Vitality Specials

  • Ramsacher Müsli Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen


    Starting from 1459 CHF

    Would you like to balance your acid-base balance? The aim is not to eat less, but to combine it correctly. Our successful programme will also inspire you.

  • Juice Fasting Light

    Juice Fasting Light

    Starting from 1544 CHF

    Purify and regenerate your body in just one week.

  • Marktfrische, saisonale Speisen im Restaurand Bad Ramsach


    Starting from 1754 CHF

    Purify and regenerate - a pleasant change that is twice as much fun in a group.

  • Juice Fasting Deluxe

    Juice Fasting Deluxe

    Starting from 2808 CHF

    Learn more about our metabolism and how the insulin separating food helps you lose weight without feeling hungry - no empty promise.