Vitality Specials

  • Juice Fasting Light

    Juice Fasting Light

    Starting from 1630 CHF

    Purify and regenerate your body in just one week.

  • Marktfrische, saisonale Speisen im Restaurand Bad Ramsach

    Base Fasting Week

    Starting from 1840 CHF

    Enjoy three delicious meals a day according to the acid-base principle and thus effectively help the body to break down excess acids

  • Ramsacher Müsli Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

    Acid-Base Balance

    Starting from 1900 CHF

    Would you like to balance your acid-base balance? The aim is not to eat less, but to combine it correctly. Our successful programme will also inspire you.

  • Juice Fasting Deluxe

    Juice Fasting Deluxe

    Starting from 3079 CHF

    Long-term fasting means giving the body enough time to initiate a sustainable detoxification process and thus give the immune system new strength.

  • Juice and alkaline fasting

    Juice and alkaline fasting

    Starting from 3310 CHF

    After a week of juice fasting, the second week of alkaline fasting gently gets your digestion going and keeps your metabolism in fasting mode.

  • Acid-base fasting

    Acid-base fasting

    Starting from 3534 CHF

    Eat with pleasure and still do your body good by gently detoxifying and gaining new vitality through regeneration.