Cure offers

Costs for doctor, physiotherapy and nursing services are subject to health insurance and are covered by the basic insurance according to the contract. Guests who have been medically instructed are exempt from VAT in accordance with Art. 14 para. 2 of VAT. However, the doctor's written cure prescription must be available.

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Designed for your needs

With your medical prescription you can enjoy special conditions for your planned cure stay. Ask about our offers, we will be happy to advise you.

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Informations about the cure


Medical services, physiotherapy and nursing services are subject to health insurance and are covered by the basic insurance according to the contract.


All medically prescribed therapies are invoiced directly to the health insurance companies. Our doctors bill our cure guests directly. Hotel stay and care will be charged to you before your departure. The settlement with the health insurance will be made by the guest after the cure stay with the issued spa stay confirmation.


Spa guests are requested to bring the doctor's report, medication for at least 3 days, the health insurance number of the insured person, any physiotherapeutic prescriptions or handover reports as well as a cost credit note from the health insurance company with them when they enter the spa. Clarify in advance your health insurance's contribution to the costs of your hotel stay. A doctor's prescription is required for all spa stays. Only the doctor can prescribe a spa stay for you.

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Doctors, Nursing & Physiotherapy


Bad Ramsach is a certified house for cures and is under the medical direction of Dr. med. Claudio Schmutz.


As a spa guest, you should be able to work independently to the extent that you do not need any help at night. In emergencies your care is always guaranteed.


Our range of therapies is extensive and varied. If possible, you will always be treated by the same therapist during your stay.

Good to know

The nursing services are covered by the basic health insurance of the health insurance funds.

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Hotelguest without cure stay

You are a hotel guest with a physiotherapy regulation but without a cure stay. Would you like physiotherapy treatments and stay with us at the same time? Quite simple: You book as a hotel guest and bring the therapy prescription of your doctor with you. You will be treated as an ambulant patient in our physiotherapy and billed directly with your health insurance. The hotel stay is entirely at your expense.

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