As a supplement to the medical offer, you will benefit from other offers that will promote your well-being in the long term. Whether as a hotel or external guest, we accompany you on the way to your personal goal. 

Contact us:
+41 62 285 15 15   hotel@badramsach.ch

About your back

Many adults suffer from back pain once or repeatedly during their lifetime. In most cases, the reason is due to incorrect or excessive strain, stress or weak muscles. To break this cycle, we also offer back courses. The aim is to relieve or prevent back pain, successfully build up back and trunk muscles and thus improve the quality of life in the long term. The courses start this summer and are held quarterly (held in German).

  • Wednesday from 9 to 10
  • 1 trial lesson CHF 25
  • at least. 4, maximum 10 participants
  • 10 lessons for CHF 230

We are happy to accept registrations by telephone +41 62 285 15 59 or by email physio@badramsach.ch.

Health training at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

Personal Coaching

With a lot of commitment, joy and expertise, Christoph Bader will bring you to your your desired training goal. No matter weight reduction or muscle building.

By the way: When you purchase a subscription 3 months or more, we will offer you the introductory training session.

Appointments on request
30 min. CHF 45

Christoph Bader, personal coach at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

breathing exercises

Learn to breathe consciously with simple techniques and strengthen your body awareness, blood circulation and mental well-being.

Monday to Friday 11 to 11.30 a.m.
Participation is free of charge

Breathin exercises at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen

Nordic Walking Coaching

In addition to the sporting aspect, ALFA Nordic Walking helps you to open up, let go and gain self-confidence.
SPAS instructor Franziska Haaf guides you competently and mindfully through the technique.

On request
60 Min. CHF 90

Nordic walking at Bad Ramsach Quellhotel Läufelfingen