As a supplement to the medical offer, you will benefit from other offers that will promote your well-being in the long term. Whether as a hotel or external guest, we accompany you on the way to your personal goal. 

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is at the same time a gentle yet challenging health sport for everyone. The correct handling of the poles needs to be learned so that a training that is easy on the joints can take place. There are numerous good reasons why Nordic Walking should be practised. Here at Wisenberg there are countless opportunities to discover nature with the poles. Or you can sign up for a weekend to discover the Basel area together in a group.

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Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The therapy methods and disciplines of TCM are: Acupuncture, medicine, Tuina, dietetics and Qi Gong.
Chinese medicine, which is thousands of years old, has been continuously developed since its beginnings. The basic principles for all diagnoses and therapy concepts remain unchanged to this day:

  • The interaction of the two "primordial forces" Yin and Yang
  • The life energy Qi, which flows through all living beings on the meridians
  • The 5 transformation phases (elements), to which all internal organs with their channels are assigned.

For our spa guests, the treatments take place in consultation with the spa doctors, so that an optimal combination with the rest of the therapy is guaranteed. External patients are also welcome for acupuncture treatments. Billing is done via the additional insurance of the health insurance company.

Stefan Fiechter, graduate acupuncturist and herbalist SBO-TCM, offers treatments with Chinese medicine.

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