More vital in one week

The vitality retreats offer pure relaxation. Excellent fitness and health specialists such as Ursula Mägerli, Christoph Bader and Franziska Haaf will take care of your well-being. Various special weeks take place throughout the year. These take place exclusively in groups. Accompanying persons who do not wish to take part in the programme are also very welcome. Here you will find an overview of the current offers. Of course we are also happy to advise you by telephone.

Fitness- and Health-
Ursula Mägerli

"Most guests of the Balance Familie live more consciously today than in the past," Ursula Mägerli is convinced. As our trainer for health, exercise and nutrition, she feels the pulse of the times and knows what she is talking about. For some years now she has been looking after our guests with great empathy and expertise. A job that gives her a lot of pleasure, as Ursula Mägerli says: "During our various health weeks, I am practically available around the clock to give advice and support to our guests if they desire. This service is unique in Switzerland, and it is important to mention: "Everyone is allowed to stay with us, but nobody has to! The guest is spoilt for choice between the welcome aperitif on Sunday evening followed by a guided tour of the house and the final lunch on the following Saturday.

ursula maegerli

Ramsach Muesli

Did you know that during the health weeks you can enjoy the exclusive pleasure of our in-house muesli? The nearby Maisprach mill has developed a surplus base muesli in cooperation with us. The ideal way to get the acid-base balance going at breakfast. You can also purchase our muesli in the Shop or online.

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